Monday, 4 October 2010

BYOB: October 2010 Roundup

Fall is such a wonderful season.  It’s like a breath of fresh air that renews us after the long hot Summer and prepares us to enter the cold Winter. I love all of the beautiful Fall colors and flavors and the brisk, cool evenings. 

Just as Fall is a transition, BYOB is going through a transition as well.

To honor the creator of this wonderful baking adventure, I would like to dedicate the October BYOB 2010 roundup to Sandy of At the Baker's Bench. Sandy, BYOB Baker Extraordinaire created Bake Your Own Bread (BYOB) and nurtured it for the past two years. 

Sandy is moving on to new and different adventures and has graciously passed the BYOB torch to me, but she will always be our inspiration as we bake our own bread each and every month and share our experiences with others. 

Sandy, this one’s for you!


Fall and baking just seem to go hand-in-hand, and it seems that I’m not the only one who thinks so. The BYOB Bakers have donned their baking hats and are busy baking up a storm now that the air is a little bit cooler and kitchens aren’t quite so hot.

Heather of Girlichef made some delicious breads to celebrate the beginning of Fall. First there was the Maple Oatmeal Bread for the Artisan Bread Bakers.  I loved Maple and Oatmeal. Then she made Chocolat-inspired Chocolate Cake. Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’ve got to go rent that movie. Next it was Mabon Marigold Honey Wheat Bread.  This bread sounds so good and the spiced apple butter and the rosemary honey… oh my!  My mouth is watering.  If that wasn’t enough, she topped it off with an Apple Coffee Cake w/ Bacon & Pecan Streusel. What an interesting combination.  Sounds delicious!

Margie of Tea and Scones has been busy in the kitchen as well baking with the Modern Bakers and the Artisan Bread Bakers. To begin the fun, she made Seven Grain & Seed Bread and Prosciutto Bread.  It’s too bad she didn’t like either of them. They look and sound pretty good to me. However, all that changed when she made Maple Oatmeal Bread.  This was one of my favorites as well.  I love the idea of maple butter Yum! Next, it was Fougasse and then Sunflower Oatmeal Bread. Hmmm…pasta or bread.  I think I would choose bread myself.  This one looks really good!

Andrea of Family and Food kept herself busy baking this month with the Mellow Bakers, the Bread Baking Buddies and just for fun.  I think it’s all fun!  First, she made Sourdough Rye with Walnuts, Soft Butter Rolls and Cheese Bread. What a great trilogy. That’s the way to do it! Next, she made Brunkans Långa.  If you’re wondering, that’s Swedish long bread from Brunkebergs bageri (the bakery of Brunkeberg, situated in Stockholm). I didn’t know what it was either.  Then, she went all out with her just for fun baking. She made Torta di Limone e Mandorle, Parisian Fruit Tartlets, Multigrain Sandwich Bread, Ricotta Bread, Perfect All-American Chocolate Torte. Everything looks wonderful.

Diana of Di’s Kitchen Notebook made some delicious Soft Butter Rolls and hotdog buns for the Mellow Bakers. Those are some of the best-looking hotdog buns I’ve seen. Then she made a Tarte fine.  As she said, “it’s not bread, but it does have homemade puff pastry”.  Works for me!  It looks delicious!  Puck Pastry… now there’s a name! Good luck with your Fantasy Hockey Team.

Leslie of La Cocina de Leslie made a delicious Fresh Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze.  She describes it as “a moist apple cake studded with chopped pecans and topped with a buttery brown sugar glaze.  It was like biting into the sweet caramel apples I grew up eating.” Mmmm…I love caramel apples.  Did you save some cake for me?  

Frieda of Frieda Loves Bread figured out how to make the perfect Fresh Corn Tortilla.  According to Frieda, “these are a healthy, fat free, low sodium alternative and once you taste them, you will never go back to store bought corn tortillas”. I’m so glad she figured out how to make the perfect tortilla because now, all I have to do is follow her helpful instructions.

Allison of Neon Celery Kitchen is new to BYOB so let’s give her a warm welcome.  She made some Squaw Bread but decided to name it Politically Incorrect Bread. You’ll want to check out her blog because she plans to include a cost analysis for each of the recipes she makes.  This sandwich bread costs $1.69 and would cost $2.99 in the store.  That is, if you could find it in the store.  Great idea!

As for me, I kept busy baking with the HBinFive Bakers, the Mellow Bakers, the Artisan Bread Bakers and Grow Your Own. I baked Whole Wheat Dough Made Three Ways, Soft Butter CloverLeaf Rolls, Whole Grain Maple Oatmeal Muffins, Sourdough Rye with Walnuts, Sourdough Strata with Tomatoes and Greens, Maple Oatmeal Bread and Quinoa Bread. I think I liked them all.


Thanks to all of the bakers who BYOB in September.  I look forward to seeing all of the breads you bake in October. 


Don’t forget World Bread Baking Day is October 16th. You don’t want to miss it! Click here to go to the Facebook page for more details.


Now, it’s time to get your bake on!


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