Friday, 2 July 2010

BYOB: July 2010 Roundup

I have the pleasure of hosting the BYOB Roundup again this month.  Bake Your Own Bread (BYOB) was started by Sandy of At the Baker's Bench.  She's taking a break this summer so I'm delighted to be hosting the roundups for a couple of months.

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It's really hot to be doing a lot of baking these days, but the BYOB Bakers seem to be staying busy baking anyway.  Let's take a look at what they've been up to...

Heather of girlichef made some earthy, comforting and traditional Anadama Rolls.  I think blue cornmeal would be great in these as well.  She also made some Mexican Sweet Rolls called conchas. I can see why these are some of her favorite treats.  And last but not least, she made Mexican Chocolate Streusel Cake.  Oh my! That homemade Mexican chocolate sounds so good.  

Verity of Nice Life with a Cup of Tea began by making some easy Oat bread and a sourdough starter. I like the Kneadlessly Simple method myself. She also made the Irish Soda Bread that the Artisan Bread Bakers made earlier this year.  I liked that one as well.  Then she made Thyme and prosciutto scones on a chilly day to go with Pumpkin and Carrot soup.  Delicious! And that pumpkin jam sounds incredible.

Diana of Di's Kitchen Notebook had a busy baking month.  She started off with some absolutely perfect-looking Pain de Campagne. Next, she made Glazed Yeast Donuts to the delight of her family. Lucky them.  Then she made some beautiful Raisin swirl bread.  I'm so glad she got her blogging mojo back.  Aren't you?  And if that wasn't enough, she also made Shortcakes with strawberries. I need to borrow that recipe. My youngest son loves strawberry shortcake.

Sophie from Sophies foodie files focused on gluten-free breads this month. First, she made some moist gluten free zucchini muffins called courgettes.  They are not like any muffins I've ever seen.  You've got to see these beautifully shaped muffins! They look so good and healthy if you can imagine that.  Then she made gluten free light brown teff breads.  I haven't used Teff flour yet. Thanks for the inspiration Sophie!

Andrea of Family & Food had a busy baking month as well. For the Mellow Bakers, she made Vermont Sourdough, Beer Bread and Pizza Dough.  Aren't you glad she decided not to be too mellow and skip these breads. I agree, the pizza dough was awesome!  For her daughter's birthday she made a Monkey Cake and a Vegan Butterfly Cake.  Very sweet and cute!  For the Bread Baking Buddies, she made Korni and for the Daring Bakers, Chocolate Pavlova and the Daring Cooks, Ciabatta and Mango Bread.  My, but these daring bakers and cooks make some heavenly stuff.  Yummy!

Margaret of Tea and Scones made Croatian Granny Nut Roll (Povitica) for BBD#31. It looks so good.  The recipe is from her Little Ol’ Eastern European Granny. She also made some beautiful Pain de Campagne  for the Slow and Steady BBA. Ok. I admit I'm also a Breadaholic. Yes, there are worse things. Then she took Dori for a swirl with some Raisin Swirl Bread. The bread looks good.  I just hope Dori is okay. 

I've been busy in the Bread Experience kitchen this summer as well.  For the HBinFive Baking Group, I made Whole Wheat Artisan Loaf in a Pot, Whole Grain Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Roasted Garlic Spelt Bread in a Pot, Whole Wheat Strawberry Bread, and Whole Wheat Banana Bread. For the Mellow Bakers, I made Vermont Sourdough, and Grilled Pizza Margherita. For BBD #31, I made Rosemary and Pine Nut Focaccia. And just for shear bread-baking pleasure, I made Old Order Amish Bread.

Thanks for joining me again for the Bake Your Own Bread roundup and thank you Sandy for starting this wonderful adventure.

BYOB Bakers, I hope you continue to enjoy your summer baking.

Until next month....

Happy Baking!

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