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Bake Your Own Bread (BYOB) June 2011 Roundup

Is it June already? My, but time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve reached the mid-point for BYOB 2011 and we’re still baking and baking (like the Energizer Bunny).

It’s hot outside and even hotter in the kitchen, but that hasn’t stopped the BYOB Bakers.  They’re still baking bread with the best of them.  I look forward to baking bread with this group throughout the rest of 2011.

What is BYOB?

BYOB is a yearlong adventure in baking bread.  The goal is to bake as much of your own bread and other baked goods as possible in 2011.

  • For more details or to participate in BYOB in 2011, click here.
  • To view the list of homebakers participating in this adventure, click here


Take a look at all of the baked delights the BYOB Bakers made in May.



Marion in the United Kingdom starts off the roundup with Wholemeal and Caraway Rolls with fresh Rosemary. Caraway is one of her big favourites and she loves the scent and taste of rosemary too - so she tried to combine them.  Sounds good to me. She also made some Sultana Walnut Scones.

sultana walnut scones


Sultana Walnut Scones

Made with a flour which was lighter than wholemeal but darker than white with very little sugar, so the scones can be eaten with cheese or jam at tea time.




Frieda of Frieda Loves Bread made some delicious hamburger buns.  She said, “It’s finally grilling season around here, and although I love a good wheat bun, my hubby loves the white.  So I created a quick, French Hamburger bun.”  Works for me!




French Hamburger Bun






Jill of went to Disney with her family last month and while they were there, they went to the 10 minutes Boudin Bakery tour, and sampled the sourdough bread. She took a picture of one of the breads to share with us.  She also baked some white bread for her daughter's lunches.



Although Jill did not bake this Mickey Mouse bread, I’m so glad she took a photo to share with us.






Craisin Apple Bread

Jill wanted to try her new dehydrator, which worked like a charm and made reasonably quick work with the apples.  Her family loves this bread. 




Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook Spot submitted some unique treats this month.  They all look healthy and delicious.



Pudachi Wadi – These rolls are usually deep fried, but she tried the baked version.







Sago Cutlet – She also tried the baked version for these cutlets.








Eggless Chocolate Cookies







Garlic Naan






Heather of GirliChef made some delicious sweet and savory breads this month. I’d like some of each thank you very much.




Honey Wheat Bread







Cinnamon-Sugar Pull-Apart Ricotta Bread












Abby of Stir It! Scrape It! Mix It! Bake It! submitted some of her favorite breads for the month and the best chocolate cake she’s ever baked.  Everything looks great!  But tell me, is there a chocolate cake that isn’t good?




Monkey Bread







Pain Rustique







Chocolate Cake






Cindy in Cedar Park, Texas baked her usual assortment of breads, as she put it.  I’d say she made a few breads.

  • Raisin Challah - we love this bread for picnic lunches at the winery, accompanied by fruit, summer sausage, mixed nuts and a bottle of wine.
  • Kemmelweck rolls - this time we baked these plain, without the salt and caraway seeds, so we could enjoy them as sandwich rolls and hamburger buns.
  • Amish Friendship bread - we are starting to call this Amish Coffeecake since we usually enjoy this at breakfast.
  • Sourdough loaf - we are trying to find a new name for this one since it is made with the sweet Amish Friendship starter instead of a sourdough starter. We use it for garlic toast served with spaghetti, or just toasted, buttered and served with soups. It's kind of a daily bread or a table bread, like the French drink a table wine at every meal.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Scones - always nice for a light breakfast when we have to rush out in the morning.
  • Flatbread - best when toasted and warm. We enjoy it with cheese and fruit for lunch.
  • Focaccia bread and Pizza dough - this month I spread the focaccia dough onto 2 metal pizza pans and made thin crusted pizzas. Wonderful and crispy.
  • Calzone - using the focaccia dough, I cover it with the usual pizza toppings along with some ricotta cheese mixed with an egg, then fold one side over the toppings to make the calzone. Yum!

She experimented with a new bread this month: pretzels. She found a simple recipe online that didn't require a lye bath, cause that just sounded awful. Very easy to do and a great side with Jambalaya.



Connie of My Discovery of Bread decided to join BYOB this month and we’re so glad she did.  Here is her assortment of breads for May. Fabulous! Welcome to BYOB Connie!




Pan Francese







Pain au levain







Il pane di matera







Goat cheese bread







Stromboli with pesto and sundried tomatoes






Roasted pumpkin sourdough bread













Mel of Mel’s Home Baking Adventures was busy baking bread this month with all of her baking groups.  Take a look at all of the wonderful breads she made.  Plus, she even made a Cherry Pie.  Yum!




Five Grain Bread




Dilly Bread



Dilly Bread











Cherry-Raspberry pie


Cherry-Raspberry pie – No blog post, but she used a pie crust recipe from "Easier Than Pie" and used up some frozen cherries and raspberries that had been in the freezer.



Cracked Wheat bread



Cracked Wheat Bread




Multigrain Snickerdoodles



Multigrain Snickerdoodles






Kathy in Derwood, Maryland managed some baking in May in between baseball games.  I remember those days.  Too bad her camera isn’t working, I’d like to see what that Ethereal Air Bread looks like. ;)

  • Ethereal Air Bread
  • Whole Wheat Pita
  • Rye Rolls
  • Moomies Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns
  • Ciabatta
  • Pizza
  • Brownies
  • Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies
  • Chocolate Chiffon Cake



Champa of Versatile Kitchen made some delicious treats in May. Those cakes and that banana bread are making me drool.  Mmmm…




No Knead Coconut and Chilies flat bread







Vegan Banana Bread







Orange Almond Caramel upside down cake







Savory Shortbread Cookies







Sourdough Zucchini Chocolate Cake







Weight Watcher's applesauce cocoa cake






Pam of Pam’s Bread made some very interesting and healthy breads and other baked goods this month. The baked oatmeal with blueberries and crystallized ginger sounds really good!




A Spanish Country Bread with whole wheat, barley, and corn








Green Tea & Red Rice Whole Wheat Bread






Baked Oatmeal with blueberries & crystallized ginger






As usual, Soep kipje has been busy baking. Here is her BYOB photo collage of the lovely breads and other baked goods she made in May.

Soep kipje-BYOBJune 2011



Cathy of Bread Experience

Here are the breads I made in May:




Salt-Rising Bread








Sprouted Barley Bread








No Knead Anadama Corn Bread








Floating Sesame Loaf







Five-Grain Bread with Pâte Fermentée





Another great month for BYOB!  Enjoy your summer and keep those ovens warm.



Until next month, BYOB!


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