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Bread Baking Day #29 Roundup: Bread in Pots

The theme for BBD #29 was “Bread in Pots”.  This was a fun and whimsical theme just in time for Spring. I appreciate all of the flexible bakers out there who stepped up to the challenge to bake bread in a pot. I’ve been enjoying reading and viewing your creative breads.  “You done good!” as we say in the South (US).

Ladies & Gentlemen the drum roll please…


 Scroll down to  find out who will be hosting Bread Baking Day #30.

Without further adieu, I present BBD#29 Roundup: Breads in Pots


Please Note: The breads are grouped by the type of vessel they were baked in

Breads in Clay Bakers


Nancy, the Flour Recycler, made a delicious boule in her festive clay Chicken pot.  Isn’t it cute! She also made a loaf in her clay pot from Germany.

Check out Nancy’s blog for more details.





Susan of Berkeley, CA and Judy of Cambridge, MA submitted Whole Wheat Tofu Challah in a Clay Bread Pot.

Check out Judy’s blog to learn more about the bread and her beautiful handmade bread pots.





Sandra from China/Guangzhou made Multigrain Sourdough Bread in Clay Baker

You’ll find other interesting recipes on gesund geniessen




Cathy from Atlanta, GA, USA (that’s me) submitted this Sourdough Bread in a Pot.







I had so much fun baking in pots this month so I also made Light Rye Bread in a La Cloche 



Bread in a Casserole



Nicole of Idaho submitted these delicious Smoked Turkey & Spinach Rolls

Be sure to visit her blog Bread, Butter and Buns for more bread ideas.





Natashya from Canada made these beautiful Stud Muffins in black ramekins.

Check out Living in the Kitchen with Puppies for more breads and stunning photography.



Bread in a Dutch Oven



IDania from Madrid, Spain made delicious Buttermilk Dutch Oven Bread.

Visit El Aroma de IDania to see more delicious delights.


Bread in Jars




Petra, from Germany, submitted Schwarzbrot im Glas (Pumpernickel style bread in a jar)

This is her first time participating in Bread Baking Day so please visit Desert or Dessert and make her feel welcome.







Cinzia from Lake Garda, Italy submitted these Spelt Buns made in Galej jars.  I love spelt.  I can’t wait to try these.

Check out Cindystar for more creative bread ideas.



Bread in a Skillet


Carolyn from Sydney, Australia submitted HBin5 Chocolate Espresso Whole Wheat Brioche. Doesn’t it look cute in the Skokie!

Check out Carolyn’s Outdoor Cooking in Oz for more fun ideas.



Bread in a Tin

Mango Bread

Rachana from Michigan, US made this wonderful Mango Bread.

She is a relatively new blogger so please visit Sizzle N Spice and make her feel at home.



Flower Pot Bread (presented in order received)

Buttermilk Sunflower Seeds Bread in Pots



Zorra, the beloved founder of BBD, from Andalucia, Spain submitted Buttermilk Bread with Sunflower Seeds in Pots. Beautiful!

Be sure to check out all of the previous BBD roundups on her blog 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf









Andrea from Germany contributed this delicious Onion & Herb Bread

This was her first experience baking bread in a pot and she did a fabulous job.  Check out Family & Food for more ideas.







Paula from Madrid, Spain made Potted Chocolate Muffins

These look delicious! Check out Paula’s blog Con las zarpas en la masa for more great baking ideas!





bread in pots

Natalia from Rome submitted Breads in Pots They look like big, delicious biscuits to me. 

Visit Gatti fili e farina for more fun bread ideas.





Strawberry-Yogurt Bread


Lien from the Netherlands submitted this
Strawberry-Yogurt bread and boy does it look good!

Check out more delicious goodies on Notitie van Lien.











Jayasri from the United Kingdom made Brioche with Vanilla Creme Patisserie. These sound so good.  I’m gaining weight just thinking about them.

Learn more at Samayalarai-cookingisdivine




Please give a round of virtual applause to all of the awesome bread bakers who participated in Bread Baking Day #29.  I had lot’s of fun baking bread in pots.  I hope you did too!

Now, it’s time to get ready for Bread Baking Day #30.  One of my bread-baking buddies, Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, will be hosting this one.  Go check out her blog to find out what she has planned for us.

I would also like thank Zorra at 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf for creating the monthly Bread Baking Day. What a wonderful event!  Remember to check out previous BBD roundups archived on her blog.


Happy Baking!


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