Friday, 21 June 2013

BreadStorm™ Bread Formula Software

I was catching up on what’s been going on with the Chicago Amateur Bakers, and I ran across this neat software for managing bread formulas. The program is called BreadStorm™.

BreadStorm™ logo

They are currently looking for beta testers who use a Mac computer. I don’t use a Mac so I’m unable to test the program, but I’m sure there are a lot of bakers out there that might want to try it. I’ve included some background information as well as the contact below if case you are interested in becoming a beta tester.

BreadStorm™ ( is the software for managing your bread formulas, designed by amateur bakers Dado and Jacqueline Colussi. BreadStorm supports pre-ferments, soakers, and Detmolder builds. Enter any formula in weights, and BreadStorm automatically calculates the baker's percentages for you. Now the baker can create and edit formulas without doing any calculations or defining any equations (as one must do in a spreadsheet). BreadStorm is currently accepting beta testers for Mac OS X 10.6+. If you are interested in testing the software and providing feedback, please email Jacqueline at

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