Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Would you like some bread with your jam?

It’s been raining so much lately, that I haven’t wanted to venture out to the store to get food supplies. I decided it was time to make some comfort food using some grains and other ingredients I had on hand. Can you guess what I made?



I’ll give you a clue. I love to make jam during the summer months when berries and stoned fruit are at their peak, and I always end up with a bunch of jars at the end of the season. I decided to make some bread to go with the jam.

If you guessed that the comfort food I was craving was a PB&J sandwich, you’re right!  For this sandwich, I made a multi-grain bread using a mixture of seven grains, and then I spread it with some CranStrawberry Jam. I also added some creamy organic peanut butter (not shown). It was very comforting on a loud and stormy night!

To learn how to make this multi-grain bread, look for my Multi-Grain Bread for a Rainy Day post on the Grain Mill Wagon.


Happy Baking!


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