Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 Canning Adventures ~ The Bread Experience

I’ve caught the canning bug. In 2010, I canned something every month. I participated in the tigress can jam and I canned on my own. Some months, I made jams from fruits that I got from my favorite farms or the local market. Other months, I pickled in-season vegetables from my garden or from the local farmer’s market. 

Each month, in the can jam, we canned something different. In fact, I canned some things that I would never have thought to try much less can on my own.  Participating in the tigress can jam challenge was a wonderful learning experience and definitely broadened my horizons. 

I had never even heard of an allium before, but we canned them.  If you’re wondering, the allium family consists of green scallions, chives, scapes, ramps, leeks, husky onions, shallots, and garlic.  I made caramelized red onion relish. We also canned herbs, peppers, carrots, dried fruits and of course, lot’s of delicious fruits. I even made rhubarb jam and I liked it. Who knew!

I had lot’s of fun jamming and pickling this past year. Here is a slideshow of my 2010 Canning Adventures.  Enjoy!


Here are the jams and other items I canned throughout 2010 listed in the order posted on the blog. Feel free to try some of these for yourself.


The fun goes on...

The tigress can jam is continuing in 2011.   Look for more details on tigress in a jam.


Happy Canning from The Bread Experience!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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