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Bake Your Own Bread (BYOB) October 2011 Roundup

Fall is finally here!  The leaves are starting to change color and there is a crispness in the air. Don’t you just love this time of year? It’s a great time to be baking.

The BYOB Bakers have been doing just that.  Can you smell the wonderful aroma coming from their kitchens?  It’s the smell of freshly baked bread.  Mmmm…not to mention the wonderful smells of Fall – apples, pumpkins and spices, oh my!


I’m getting hungry just thinking about all of the breads and other baked goods everyone has been baking.  Let’s go take a peek at what the BYOB Bakers baked in September. You’re sure to find something you like.




Marion in the United Kingdom starts us out.  She’s been bitten by the sourdough bug. She said some spectacular disasters went straight onto the compost heap and wondered how it is possible to wreck something so completely.  I wonder that myself sometimes. I think she’s doing just fine.


an attempt at slashing



She named this one “An attempt at slashing







marmalade sourdough  loaf




Marmalade Sourdough Loaf






sourdough dinner rolls




Sourdough Dinner Rolls






sourdough sandwich loaf




Sourdough Sandwich Loaf







burnt crust sourdough




Burnt Crust Sourdough – I’ve had a few of those myself.  Lol…






Frieda of Frieda Loves Bread makes bread all the time.  Thank goodness she decided to share some with us.  Here are two of her newest (yummy) creations.




Bread Stick Twists








Caramel Almond Crunch Soft Pretzel





Kathy in Derwood, Maryland is still busy baking and canning.  She just finished putting up grape jelly and juice. Yum!  Apples are up this weekend, and hopefully time to try the sourdough starter she just received.  Sounds good to me. Here are the breads she’s been making:

  • Farmstead White Bread
  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • Kaiser Rolls
  • Italian (Semolina) Bread
  • Beer Crust Pizzas
  • Donut Muffins
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Brownies
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Crumb Cakes



Heather of GirliChef shares a couple of delicious treats. That Raisin Rosemary Bread does sound heavenly especially paired with sharp cheddar cheese. Great idea to let the bread machine do the heavy work.













Raisin Rosemary Bread






Jill of said she didn't realize her camera battery was dead so none of her pictures took.  She did bake though!  I’d say!  Everything sounds delicious!

  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Carrot cake muffins
  • Light multigrain bread
  • Wheat bread
  • Cinnamon raisin bread
  • Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies 
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie




Krista of submitted two scrumptious breads this month.





Pesto Pizza








Honey Lavender Baguettes






Priya of devoted her baking time to cookies & crackers this month.  I would like some of both.





Wheat Almond & palm Sugar Cookies 








Baked Pepper Crackers 






Winnie of Somthing Sweet - Winnie's blog made some beautiful challah breads.  Take a look at all of her wonderful treats.





Challah sweetened with date-spread








Checkerboard Cookies








Yellow-Plum crumb cake








Pull-apart garlic challah








Nuts and honey cookies








Special Honey-Cookies for Rosh-Hashana








Apple Honey Challah






Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook Spot made some delicious-sounding treats and most of them are eggless.  Lovely photos as well.





Basboussa-Egyptian Semolina Cake





Crumbled Nutella Paneer Cups



Crumbled Nutella Paneer Cups













Eggless Chocolate Almond Biscotti



Eggless Chocolate Almond Biscotti





Eggless Sesame Biscuits



Eggless Sesame Biscuits





Di of diskitchennotebook got back into the baking spirit this month and made a couple of breads and a cake.  Yummy!   Lovely presentation.


sourdough 250



Rustic Sourdough 






brioche crumb cake 250



Brioche Crumb Cake






knotted rolls 250



Knotted Rolls






Pam of Pam’s Bread was busy in September as well.  She said “I can't believe we're into FALL!  Good thing is, it's a great baking
time of the year.”  I totally agree!  Here are the breads she made:





Flavorful Whole Grain Dinner Rolls










Ron’s Chocolate Cake Surprise








Memorable Whole Wheat English Muffins









Walnut Cranberry Whole Grain Rye Bread









Whole Grain Biscuits with Spelt








Soepkipje has been at it again.  Take a look at the beautiful breads and other baked goods she’s been making.

Her photo album is located here

The September Bread collage is here


BYOB October 2011_500



Here are the breads I made during September.  I had fun with these breads.




Whole Wheat and Rye Bread







Fig and Almond Loaf









Whole Grain Emmer Challah with Apples and Honey







Garden Tomato Bread








Soft Pretzels





Thanks to all of the BYOB Bakers for submitting their breads and other baked goodies this month.


Until next time…




What is BYOB?

BYOB is a yearlong adventure in baking bread.  The goal is to bake as much of your own bread and other baked goods as possible in 2011.

  • For more details on BYOB, click here.
  • To view the list of homebakers participating in this adventure, click here

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